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VIVIDWEB is a South African Web Hosting and Development Service Provider company based in Tembisa, Gauteng. The company developed a system to offer clients the greatest degree of web services at a more affordable price. VIVIDWEB, with its in-depth knowledge of the industry has now evolved into a specialized Web development and hosting service provider.

VIVIDWEB is committed to providing high-quality services to its customers. Since its foundation, our company has been building an image as the most reliable, customer-friendly, and affordable web development and hosting provider. We now have more clients and our customer base continues to grow.

Our Skills

Domain Registrations

95% Complete

Web Hosting

98% Complete

Web Development

92% Complete

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VIVIDWEB can easily migrate your website over to our servers if you are currently hosting with another provider. If your site currently runs on a cPanel control panel, we can take a full backup and simply restore this on our systems. If your site runs on a custom or other control panel we can still help.
Many SEOs prefer cPanel because of the amount of information it provides about web traffic. Web statistics can be generated by three different statistics generators. In addition, logs of errors encountered by website visitors, bandwidth tracking, and even raw FTP access logs are available via the cPanel interface.
VIVIDWEB gives all accounts access to the leading control panel software on the market: cPanel. This powerful package puts control of your entire site at your finger tips. Making it easy to manage your hosting account from creating email accounts, setting up sub- domains, MySQL databases, viewing your web statistics and more.

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